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"Evita is a revolutionary business rockstar.. Wanna make money inspiring people...? 
It doesn't get much better!"
Become a Transformational CEO™
Are you dreaming of an INSPIRING BUSINESS or a COACHING CAREER? Would you like to inspire, uplift and empower people? Would you like to get paid for doing what you love?

Honestly, I never planned to be a coach. It kind of dawned on me when I transformed my life, healed from ovarian cancer and lost 83lbs. Life just turned AWESOME and I wanted to make myself CONTAGIOUS.

Friends would flock to me when they witnessed my transformation, and that's how it all started. Before I knew it, I was guiding retreats and I landed on talk-shows in my home country.

I came to America because I heard a voice in my dream: 'America will go into to turmoil and the country will need leaders.' I trusted my intuition and jumped on the plane!! I knew in the country with the world's biggest obesity problem, I was a savior and with my knowledge I would surely never be starving...

Surprise! Surprise! 

I arrived in Los Angeles with $200 in my pocket. Money ran out fast and I had to offer exclusive private retreats (a high-ticket service!!) just to survive and get a roof over my head... Nobody knew me in California... Back in Europe, I was a TV reporter and I was all over media... Here - like a refugee - I had to make it from scratch...  

I remember sleeping in a tent in Hawaii, with my 2 year old kid, and listening to a nearby waterfall... The movie 'Hungry for Change' came out and I was getting an avalanche of emails, except... I didn't have a website, a sales funnel, or anything to sell! I didn't even have electricity, not to mention stable access to Internet!!

Know the feeling..? 

You have the capacity to change people's lives and you don't know how to make it happen!!? You are catalyst of a breakthrough in somebody's live. Except... Yeah...! You are not a car salesman so you don't know how to sell, and your knowledge of the Internet is that of doing email and Facebook... Yes!! You are a change-maker, a boat-shaker, a shifter of paradigms, and - So what!? - when you don't value your treasures and don't know how to make people trust you and whip out a credit card..?



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Do You Want To Turn Your Story Into Gold?
My life has changed dramatically when I learnt I wasn't just a little girl with big dreams...
I realized I was a LEADER, and I my mission is to uplift and raise leaders
Just like I was told in my dream... 

I went back to the drawing board... And I dived into studying... I spent years of my life studying Internet Marketing and Leadership. I bought every single course from every single guru, and signed up to every possible training... It went on and on. EVERYDAY!!!!!! I was like an information junkie determined to figure out how the web works and the a-z of social media, and sales funnels.

It turned my story into GOLD... I have been paid thousands of dollars for celebrity retreats, corporate wellness consulting, published three books on Amazon, launched a membership site... (I even launched an Internet marketing company of my own as a side-kick...!!) 

People are changing lives all over the world - from Warsaw-Los Angeles, from London to Singapore...

I noticed that everyone who experienced my program had a burning desire to share it and lead others into health and transformation... I wanted to help them to make money on health and to create true wealth for themselves and their families by inspiring people... 

Guess what!?... I have created a unique training to empower YOU to change your life, change other people's lives and make some serious cash doing so! Just like I did - you are going to start from scratch.. You are going to transform your life, CREATE YOUR STORY and turn it into GOLD

Sound good? 

If you'd like to join my COACHING TEAM and play together - ON ALL CONTINENTS - this is it!

Are you in?

Evita Ramparte

When you apply and get accepted after a simple interview you get my e-products as a GIFT!
Sound cool? It's like having a BUSINESS TRAINING in a SPA!

BTW... Who is Evita?
Evita Ramparte is ‘The Goddess of Wellness & Tigress of Business’; Author, Journalist and Transformational CEO™; Uplifting & Raising Leaders In Wellness. 

In 2000, Evita cured from ovarian cancer naturally through cleansing and detoxing, lost 83lbs in four months, and turned her life around through conscious awakening. She has authored three books How To Cleanse In 7 Days, Badass Detox and The Bliss of Cancer. Thanks to her own self-healing, today she is a happy mom of a six year old boy.

Evita Ramparte is one of the stars of the movies 'Hungry for Change', and 'Food Heals'. She is a transformational leader, celebrity coach, and a trend-setter in the rapidly growing wellness industry. Her exclusive coaching programs, workshops and retreats are raising a new wave of wellness leaders and transformational entrepreneurs on the Earth. She holds a Double Master's degree in social sciences. Her book 'Badass Detox' is a manual on for Doctors Across Borders in Africa. She is a member of Holistic Fashionista, one of the speakers at Pure Living Expo in America, and one of the experts with EndoPositive International.

Evita Ramparte's signature program – Viva la CLEANSE!™ - is now available online and changes lives all over the world. She is currently training transformational leaders and serving as a business consultant.

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